Back in Israel

By Michal Fargo

Michal Fargo. Photo by Amina Barolli

Installing my exhibition at the Shepparton Art Museum was a very different experience for me. From my brief installation history, I was expecting a stressful week, long nights and last minute disasters. This is what usually happens.

However on my first day of installing I was surprised to see that no one around me was stressed. Just me. Everybody was calm and reassuring. I guess it’s a cultural thing and I really liked it. After a couple of days I was also less stressed and just enjoying the experience.

At the end of the installation we had the grand opening. It was such a great night. Despite missing my friends and family, I had so much fun sharing the evening with the great people I had met in Shepparton.

In the studio

Most of my preparations for the exhibition were made back home in Tel Aviv. It was my first big exhibition and I had so much work to do but not enough time or hands. I didn’t even ask for my friends support, they were just there – lifting heavy things, photographing artworks, driving me places, helping me pack and listening to my constant blabs. I really wanted them to see the outcome of these crazy six months. Well, they got to see some pictures, that’s good enough I guess. :)

The opening was surreal, in a good way of course. I couldn’t believe that the exhibition was done, working on it was such a huge part of my day to day life for such a long period of time. I was sad that I’d no longer be working on it and at the same time I was happy to be there and see all three exhibitions, which I felt really related to each other beautifully.

The week I spent in Shepparton was so great and I guess the opening was the final highlight. I’m definitely trying to apply for the next Sidney Myer Fund Australian Ceramic Award!

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